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CyberEmergence — NFT Cryptographic Art Exhibition丨The Opening Ceremony ended successfully

This exhibition includes oil painting, sculpture, printmaking, video, music, CG design and other works in various categories and are also the most representative classic work by many outstanding domestic artists. The contrast between cyberpunk and classicism, electronic screens and carved beams and paintings.

The classic works of Pang Maokun, Dean of Sichuan Fine Arts, Li Xiangqun, Dean of Lu Mei, Chen Hui, Associate Professor of Sculpture Department of Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts and many art association members displayed in this Exhibition.


At the opening ceremony on May 23, we invited the traditional artists and NFT artists participating in this exhibition to help out, discuss the collision of traditional art and digital art and unlock the application of NFT technology in the field of art.

The artists and the founder of Punk.Network, Ken Yang opened a forum on the appreciation and collection of artistic creation in the digital era to discuss the changes that NFT has brought to the Art world.

Ken Yang said in his opening speech: “Choosing to carry out the cyber theme in Longfu Temple is a combination of classicism and cyberism. There is a strong conflict between history and civilization, which is brought about by NFT. Similar to the new changes brought about by NFT, NFT technology will become a bridge between the cyber world and the real world in the future.

Beijing Radio and Television Station conducted an in-depth interview with Ken Yang. This NFT digitalart exhibition has taken an important step for innovation in the art field.

Ken YangCMO of Punk.Network, Daryl explained and analyzed the issue of how to combine traditional works and digital technology and how the works embody the form of the technology of copyright blockchain.

With the development of virtual reality and artificial intelligence, we have truly occurred in a cyber-style high-tech, low-life world. Space is folding, machines are replacing humans, virtual and reality coexist. Biotechnology makes it possible to re-enact and awaken consciousness of all man-made things. Culture and art promote the correct expression of all individual things with independent individuality. In the face of all this, how will the form of artistic expression and our cultural and social life change in the future?

Viewing the exhibition in a walking style in the mirror image presents a combination of virtual and real in the space, exploring the symbiosis derived from the future and reality in the works of art, which triggers thinking about life. Perhaps in the future, technology and human beings have become the real existence of the times. The artistic vision extended by NFT will be the prediction of the times, and every year in the future, every corner of the world will echo: Welcome to The World of ‘CyberEmergence’.

The historical background of Longfu Temple: Longfu Temple, located at the northwest corner of the East Fourth Crossroad Exhibition Address: Longfu Cultural Center, 9th Floor, Longfu Building, Beijing

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