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AMA with Ken Yang, the Founder of Punk.Network full record

Saturday we sit down with Ken Yang, the Founder of Punk.Network and Unique.OneVIETNAM, the host of AMA community, so he talked about things about Token deployment and outlook for NFT and Metaverse, 7/24, 12AM UTC.

Here is the full record, enjoy:

AMA Host — Unique.OneVIETNAM

Host: What’s the current status of Punk.Network?

Ken Yang:Thanks man! Hello, Punks. As we all know, Punk.Network is an application chain for NFT based on Polkadot. In fact, everyone has a basic understanding of Punk. Today’s AMA focuses on sharing the original intention of establishing Punk.Network and some opinions on Metaverse and NFT.The development of Punk.Network is inseparable from your support since we are able to gather here shows that everyone has a vision, and that we are all like-minded Comrades.

But I begin, of course, Thank you for your attention. With your unremitting support, Punk has recently completed asset deployment. After that, the path is very clear that we will complete the public offering and related work of listing as soon as possible.

Host: How you thought about starting a Metaverse and NFT project?

Ken Yang: Punk has been established for more than a year. Actually, I think we thought about the exploration of NFT and Metaverse earlier.

I don’t know how many sci-fi fans are there, anyway, I always hope to be kidnapped by aliens.In 1996, I was in the first grade. That year, I learned what consciousness uploading is and what is cybernetics.Of course, I am grateful that there was no domestic cultural protection policy at that time. Mamoru Oshii’s “Ghost in the Shell” and Anno’s “Neon Genesis Evangelion “ were broadcasted on TV.Under the prosthetic body and huge mecha are controlled by the people’s consciousness. At that time, I realized that the body is just a shell, and it even limits some of our abilities.

(Ghost in the Shell)

If there is a world that can liberate our bodies and allow people to communicate, live, play, and learn with pure consciousness, then it would be bad-ass.

Of course, we learned that this was a view of futuristic or transhumanist later, and we also knew that it was actually very difficult to realize due to the human brain contains 85 billion neurons. The required research support includes the mainstream scientific community in animal brain mapping and simulation, faster supercomputers, virtual reality, brain-computer interfaces, connectomics, and information extraction of dynamic brains, etc.

But these do not affect the current rise of the entire Metaverse. Even I can say that the ultimate form of Metaverse is the upload of consciousness. All our efforts are for that day, which is why the current infrastructure projects are constantly emerging. We can see that people who have lost their arms due to accidents or birth defects can be equipped with consciously controlled prostheses because of the approach of the technological singularity.

We can also see that the behavior of rhesus monkeys and rats is controlled by electrical signal stimulation experiment.On the entertainment side, we can also buy a new type of VR device at a very low price, lightweight, high-definition, and no need to connect to the hostas long as there are application scenarios, corresponding software and hardware support will emerge endlessly.

What we have just discussed is the Metaverse level and the macro-level technological innovations have inspired our projects.For the micro level alone, the NFT protocol level standard, its application is actually divided into two aspects: macro and micro.

At the micro level, NFT solves the work of confirming the rights of digital assets, which has a unique identification or a group of similar assets on the chain. It gives trade value to goods that once could not be traded or whose ownership or copyright could not be confirmed even through trading.

Macroscopically, I think he is reshaping the social structure and rules of the virtual world. Human society after the industrial revolution has spent at least half of the time discussing private ownership, public ownership, market economy, planned economy, capitalism, and socialism.

So people will spend at least half of the time arguing about which FT&NFT standard to use after entering the world of Metaverse. The difference is that they are no longer dualistic but coexistent. There is no best, only the most suitable.

NFT is not only a wormhole connecting the real world and the virtual world, but also an atomic component that builds an economic system on Metaverse.

Punk has been committed to doing some truly basic and right things under such a grand background.

Although our advantage is that we are as a blockchain project, we have always maintained long-term exchanges and cooperation with traditional Internet companies and entertainment IP companies.

As Metaverse includes the real world and the virtual world, we have always been very inclusive.Although the vision is great and we also want to build our own Metaverse and ecosystem, our entry point is not imaginary.

Whether it’s the NFT Market or game development, we always start from the application layer. When the ecosystem is slowly established, the cooperative IP grows, the mainnet is deployed and the grand layout of the chain will play its due fusion reaction.

Everyone can write a script, but only one out of ten thousand is made into a movie. Our goal is not only to finish the filming, but also to at least the series such as The Lord of the Rings, Marvel Universe and DC.

Host: What specific plans or benefits Punk will bring in the next steps?

Ken Yang: The corresponding airdrops and dividends will begin after the assets are deployed. I believe this is what everyone cares about the most. Haha Especially for airdrops, as everyone knows, it’s not because we don’t want to post or other reasons. It is true that development of Polkadot is not an easy task and its constant delay has also affected the deployment of assets. Of course, we also express our full understanding.Therefore, issuance on BSC this time is also taking into account the redemption of previous airdrops and future activities.

IDO will be completed soon after the asset is deployed, and the information will be released on the official platform in time.

What I want to focus on is that many of our consumer-grade NFT IP products, including RED&BLUE cards, a series of animation game IPs under CMGE, CBA, and Chinese Football Super League’s NFT star cardswill meet you guys soon.

In addition, I will reveal another major benefit that during the Listing periodwe are working hard to develop an NFT game which developed bythe devteam who has won a world-class award 3A game production company

NFTCastle.io has also recently updated version. With the launch of new IP assets, we will gradually open the functions of Online Transactions and User Registration.

In addition, in terms of ecological layout, we are also in contact with many infrastructure projects to expand the current ecological diversity.

Question from Twitter

1,Why is Punk.Network full of attractive?

From @CydNft

Ken Yang: Different from other blockchains, except for the hard-core technology, there will be more ecological applications on Punk.Network.

Such as: NFTCastle, CyberSpace, GamePunkDEX, CyberPunkDEX, which respectively represent the NFT asset marketplace, the museum on the chain, the interactive state channel of game assets and NFT assets, and so on.

For our application users and developers, Punk.Network has a long-term appeal to them and they would love to desire to explore, because Punk will open up the copyright to a certain extent to support outstanding developers.

2, Do you have a global marketing campaign?

From @Greyhair_08

Ken Yang: As you can see, we’ve received overwhelming support — — we’re emerging as the large polkadot community at this moment with over 35k telegram members and 38K twitter followers!!! Thanks you guys for that 👏👏👏

We are planning many exciting marketing campaigns down the road such as ambassador program and local community building. We’ve collaborated with many crypto KOLs world widely, regions including China, Japan, Korea, US, EU, UK, Africa ,ASEAN, middle east, etc. So we believe that our community hype will keep boosting and continuous the incentive Programmes.





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4.Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PunkNetworkofficial

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Thank to all of our fans, respect!

3, Plenty of token-based initiatives have since emerged to tap on this demand, but often struggle to live up to the promises behind the tokens. This ultimately perpetuates skepticism and erodes investor confidence. So what are the top features of $Punk an investor can astonished?

From @goskate_69

Ken Yang: We say that investing is like falling in love.

At the beginning, every minute was wonderful, thinking that his feelings would never change. As time goes by, various shortcomings come out to make us ignore the beauty of the good parts.

Punk is a project with ambitious goals, down-to-earth, and likes to prove itself with practical actions.

Ken Yang: Basically, what we have said has been fulfilled continuously.

No matter from the landing of IP signing and distribution or the TWO art exhibitions we held at the event have been recognized by the mainstream media, and we have reported on us from CGTN to Beijing TV.

Ken Yang: Of course, in many cases, we will be affected by many objective realities as the project side, such as the market, policy supervision,etc.

But we believe that Punk will overcome all difficulties and give all those who care about us and invest in us a satisfactory answer.

In the future, we will not only cooperate with several major top exchanges in the NFT sector, but we will also continue to expand our IP sector.

At the same time, we have made a new plan for the NFT game, and we will meet you soon. In terms of quality, we still maintain our consistent standards, I believe you will be able to feel refreshed.

4, See many people saying that NFT is the next ‘Trend’. I also see some use cases of NFT in the crypto space.

What do you think about the growth of NFT in the crypto space and the real world? Will your project roll out any NFTs in the future?


Ken Yang: NFT has been developing 4 years from CryptoKitty from now. I think the most important criterion for judging the rise of an industry is whether applications has landed and a wide range of application scenarios.

My personal opinion is that there will be more concentrated applications on the asset side in the crypto world. We will not repeat it since it has been mentioned at previous question. In the virtual world, the application of games is my favorite, followed by virtual derivative products, various posters, figures, souvenirs, etc.

NFT will definitely be deeply bound with various intelligent hardware in the future, including display screens, holographic images, and so on.

In the real world, I think that ticketing system and various decentralize traditional financial products will attempt to use NFT technology in terms of application scenarios, it will certainly be developed in more and more forms.

There is neither growth over nothing nor inexplicable decline. The right time, the right place and the people, nothing more.

Our choices and judgments are derived from market and data analysis, purely logically oriented with 1% intuition and inspiration. I also suggest that you can refer to it when you are participating in the NFT.

We’re so blessed to have multiple pieces of work from the extremely talented artist in exhibition. 👇

Live photos of“The Great Pythagoras-NFT DigitalArt Exhibition”👇

Live photos of CyberEmergence — — NFT Cryptographic Art Exhibition👇

Ken Yang: For the second question, Red & Blue is currently available for Google App Store and Apple Store, and our NFT assets will be updated to NFT trading platform of Binance and OKex in the future.

Nearly a hundred works of “The Great Pythagoras” and “Cyber ​​Emergence” have all been sold on the Internet auction platform. In the future, the secondary market should also be available on NFTCastle or other platforms.

I would also like you guys take a peek at this AMA that an NFT game developed by our dev team. Here’s some pics and videos of design drawings and original characters. I believe you guys will like it!

Pic of original characters.

Clip 3 of new NFT Game original characters

Live questions from Telegram Group

1, Could you please tell us more about the strategic cooperation with CMGE(00302.HK).How will this collaboration create a win-win solution for Punk.Network and CMGE.

From toad

Ken Yang: Firstly, we obtained the exclusive authorization of its flagship game “Red and Blue” as a leading product to expand the NFT game market from CMGE(00302.HK).

For the second question, “Red and Blue” is Brilliant Games’ ultimate pursuit of traditional strategy card games. The game focuses on the construction of the two most important contents: the infinite happiness brought by the construction of free decks; and the strategic card duel between players.

You must heard of Axie Infinity, Players in the game can build up a collection of Axies and use them across an ever expanding universe of games!

So the collaboration with CMGE will enrich Punk on Blockchain Game field, and CMGE also have been provided cutting edge technology called Blockchain to reward players for their engagement by us.

2, At present, looking at the whole market, what are the advantages of how to deal with punk’s pain points after it goes online? Development direction and later application.

From TaluChan

Ken Yang: We believe that the development of NFT assets still require more sustainable foundation, and we are looking forward to a NFT network ecology which has a long-term investment and application value, and it is capable of crossing bull market and bear market. Punk.Network was born for this purpose.

Punk.Network hopes to achieve the following goals:

• A better experience, such as faster transaction speed, lower transaction fees, and a more friendly asset generation and transaction process.

• Enhance public awareness and acceptance of NFT-type assets.

• Create a deeper connection with the traditional alternative assets (such as art and collective trading cards) industry and expand more possibilities.

• Expand more financial services of NFT-type assets

3, The only way the blockchain industry will expand and grow is if we have users that will be able to use products with ease. What are some of the unique features of PunkNetwork that would help attract more users ?

From AgathaBegley

Ken Yang: You are right. Many blockchain products now have high operating thresholds, especially DeFi mining projects. I believe everyone has a deep understanding.

The main reason for the current situation is actually that blockchain is an emerging industry, and many outstanding developers have not yet entered.

We believe that as more and more professionally trained technicians participate, the ease of use of all products will be significantly improved.

Our trading market has focused on human-computer interaction at the beginning of its development, and we put ease of use in the first place.

And I learned a lot of excellent traditional Internet trading platforms in China, such as JD.com, Taobao, Xiaomi Youpin, etc. Their UIs are all world-class which gives us a lot of help.

The development of games and other applications is what our team is better at, especially the blockchain games which we are familiar with. I think this is our advantage.

4, Regulations are important, Many projects have been shut down in many countries because they are not using the right regulations and licenses. In order to reach the whole world, How PunkNetwork handle this problem?

From Deeann Church

Ken Yang: This is a great question and I am very grateful to Deeann Church for the good questions. Supervision is inevitable but not necessary.

Code is law.

In the blockchain world.

But relying on the current situation, we certainly have no way to circumvent laws and regulations. So when we are not strong enough to make rules, we can only avoid or obey him through clever methods.

Punk has a strong team of international lawyers. I believe many friends already know that behind us are not only listed companies, but also multinational companies and traditional companies.

Our social resources make us more sensitive to policies, so we will not only implement all licenses and related legal documents.

At the same time, we think that NFT as a technology, it is more reasonable to do more technical constructions.

In fact that’s why we build!